Thu Oct 29
Bought and watched this tonight. Very nice.

Bought and watched this tonight. Very nice.

Cheerwine to start the night off right

Cheerwine to start the night off right

Oh Tumblr

How i’ve been gone for so long. I’m back =)

Fri Jul 24

I’ve never

felt this way about anyone. Your constantly in my head. I know i don’t deserve the love i recieve but you just keep giving it to me. I hate not being able to be there everyday. Your smile takes all my worries and pain away. You don’t know how much you mean to me. Your the reason i love losing sleep. Sometimes i feel like i’m not good enough. It’s nothing you have done it’s just i don’t have a promising future. I dropped out of college and i’m chasing the “famous rocker” dream. But you support it. You don’t put me down. You stand beside me on my decisions and thats what makes us perfect. We respect each other and love each other and no matter how unlikely something the other wants to do is to happen we support it. Thank you. I promise i won’t let you down. If things don’t work out with the band ill be back in college. I just want you to love me and be proud of me. Because i love you. With every fiber of my being. I love you Jenna Histed.

Thu Jul 9
Wed Jul 8

My feet

apparently smelled so bad my mum made me take a shower and wash them. I tried refusing but she threatened to make me sleep outside =(

Mon Jul 6